Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Staying Present and Accessing Higher Vibrations

What is the greatest barrier to seeing through veils and accessing other dimensions?

If we are using our time thinking about future or past, we are not in the present. If we are worried about what other people are thinking, we are not in the present. The fastest way to see through the veils and access other dimensions is to get really present. Use the inhale to pull all of your future awareness into the present breath of now, and use the exhale to pull all the awareness from the past and bring it back in a whole and healed state. Release any trauma, release the anxiety. When you hold your awareness in your Divine Line, that tube of light, you can actually travel up your tube of light into higher realms and other dimensions. The moment we leave our tube, we start perceiving from a place of disconnection. If we stay in our tube we will never feel lost, afraid, disconnected, or fearful.

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