Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shed Old Ways of Being

In the higher realms right now we are shedding old ways of being, old protection mechanisms, old dreams. This is an interesting dynamic through end of August 2013, and we have to take a moment to leap. Most of our reference grids for support in the physical realm are planted on money, relationships, body, cars, etc. This can feel like empty energy; like we're creating empty energy.

I invite you to ask your Higher Self, your Body Deva's Higher Self and your Team's Higher Selves to work with the fields and guides to locate all reference points for support placed in the physical realm. Locate those reference points and then lift those reference points off the physical realm and into the higher dimensional realm, where we can receive infinite support. Lift all the nuggets of support off the physical body, especially the low back. The body will not support you to the degree in which you are able to be supported. The higher realm will support you. Use toning to help find this new grid and then clean, clear and calibrate it. Update all reference points and all ways in which you perceive and are perceived. Aho.

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